01 October 2017

Welcome to John Tory's Toronto...

...one, scratch that... three dead, one down... must be Saturday, the weekend...just shopping

TORONTO – Police say they’re investigating a homicide at North York Sheridan Mall for the second time in one month. The victim, 32-year-old John Trevor Paul, was pronounced dead in hospital.
"A man in Etobicoke is in serious condition after police found him with gunshot wounds at Kipling Ave. and Steeles Ave. W around 8 p.m."

UPDATE: And it ain't over yet...

...another two bite the dust...
Toronto police say two men in their 20s are dead after a shooting in the parking lot of a nightclub in the city's Port Lands early Sunday.

A description of the suspects was not released.
Toronto Homicide cops are in the process of ruling out local farmers, hunters and target shooters.


UPDATE2: Down the road in the "Shwaa"...
"Three people suffered non-life-threatening injuries after a shooting in Oshawa on Saturday night. The incident took place on Elgin Court, near Adelaide Avenue West and Gibbons Street."

"Police said following the shooting 'several black males were seen running from the scene in different directions.'”
Sorry, folks... stereotypes do come from someplace.


dmorris said...

Hm, at age 32,it's unlikely "he were gon' be a doktir", so I wonder what his career plans were.

I bet if you looked back a few years though,"he were a straight "A" student".

Neo Conservative said...

will, no doubt, be sadly missed by all the other traders at that prestigious bay street financial institution.

in the meantime, toronto media are going with... "sister says he was a wonderful father..."


wwmike said...

Probably another rap star nuclear scientist cut down in his prime

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...............those darn white Mennonites are shooting people again. what is wrong?

Neo Conservative said...

really lousy timing on this one... he's gonna miss out on toronto's emerging "weed driven" economy.