24 October 2017

Ready, Aim, Discuss

As Crowder phrases it at one point in the video, the discussion taking place in this country is generally between two camps: Gun owners and the ill-informed.

He’s right in many ways. There are a handful of people who do understand gun laws, despite possibly not owning a firearm, but they’re generally on the side with gun owners.

It’s amazing how many people believe, like the one guy, that you don’t have to undergo a background check to get a gun, or that we don’t already have laws in place to block violent people from getting guns.

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"Just landed in Sioux Falls. THEY ARE SELLING GUNS IN THE AIRPORT."
No... of course they aren't.


Bill Elder said...

"ill informed is too courteous a term for this enmity and ignores the fact these antis have been specifically conditioned in hating anyone who demands the right to self defense and private property. It affords an insight into the thinking of the regressed left - they no longer talk in terms of winning democratic deterrence to popular will - they openly advocate genocide against their ideological enemies branding those who defend individual civil liberties as racist white supremacy - sick bastards - they're going to get lots of people killed before their madness is put down.

Neo Conservative said...

“Guns cause crime the way flies cause garbage.”

my guns have still killed fewer people than ted kennedy's (or michael bryant's for that matter) car.