12 October 2017

No good deed goes unpunished

Oh, look... a simple test for detecting lying & cheating, uh... I mean "Islamophobia"...

"Swedish dentist Bernt Herlitz revealed to authorities that after checking the molar teeth of hundreds of migrant children that 80% of the so-called children were actually adults."

"Herlitz was quickly fired and now may lose his home."


Something is rotten in the state of, well... you know...
"Danish authorities have found that 634 out of 700 asylum seekers under investigation for lying about their identity were claiming to be persecuted minorities in Kuwait but almost all were really from Iraq."

"According to investigators almost half of the migrants, around 300 people, were from the same Iraqi family."
Don't worry... I'm sure Justin's 50,000 lightly vetted refugees were from the only honest country in the middle east.


LAST WORD: Relax... Ralph & Justin have you covered...
The three-page form, obtained by CBC News, asked people who were trying to cross the Quebec-U.S. border on Roxham Road, east of Hemmingford, Que., for details on their work history, whether they had a criminal record and what motivated their decision to leave the United States.

It also asked for their views on women bosses, terrorist attacks and Islamic State.

The RCMP interview guide is "inappropriate and inconsistent with government policy," the Trudeau government says.
Well, that much seems pretty obvious.
Muslims, in particular, appear to be targeted, as no other religion is mentioned in the questionnaire.
Yeah, why do all those homicidal Albanian nuns crushing pedestrians with trucks & blowing themselves up at tweener-centric concerts get a total pass?