04 October 2017

"During the opening monologue..."

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"...on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel cried over the Las Vegas attack, pushed for more gun control, bad-mouthed Republicans, but did not say a word about the number of innocents gunned down in Chicago every month."

"Kimmel rightly lamented the “59 innocent” who are dead as result of the Las Vegas attack, but there was a not a peep about the nearly 59 a month on average that have been killed year-to-date in Chicago in 2017."

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Other posters show Kimmel wiping a tear from his face and advertise a faux show called The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour.


Bill Elder said...

Kimmel is a DNC/Soros puppet and a despicable little turd. The only thing more deplorable is those who watch his kitschy commie narratives and think it's funny.

Maybe he will kick off this pious public disarmament by disarming his private security - naw didn't think so - disarmament is for plebs not hollywood aristocracy.

Neo Conservative said...

kimmel, john oliver, lena dunham... all birds of a feather.

if something doesn't change, the lunatics will be running the asylum.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if those half wits that host late night television have any clue as to how much easier they make the path to Trump's re-election with every condescending remark aimed at Republican voters. They're telling the same joke over and over again to the same group of voters who worship TV and Movie stars like they were modern day Avengers. I have no idea if Trump is worthy of a second term, I do know that its going to be very hard for the Democratic nominee to win the Presidency on a platform of less jobs and more illegal immigration in Iowa, Illinois and Florida.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says............sorry neo, the lunatics are already in control.