25 October 2017

His lawyer looked at the jurors...

...and solemnly intoned... "Once upon a time..."that's some accident

The accused’s lawyer, Matt Gonzalez, however, said it was all a grand mystery to his client. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an illegal immigrant who had been booted from the U.S. five times didn’t know he had picked up a gun after finding it under a bench, wrapped in a T-shirt.

Garcia Zarate, 54, has acknowledged shooting Steinle in the back but said the shooting was accidental.

He did not know he was handling a firearm.”

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Sreynuon Lunn, the illegal alien whose case was used to turn Massachusetts into a “sanctuary state” has been arrested for allegedly robbing a woman in a wheelchair, stealing $2,000 and slapping her.
Sweet baby jebus.