02 June 2017

Wynners & Losers

The Ontario Ministry of Finance report projects the new minimum wage hike will kill an estimated 80,000 to 155,000 jobs just among young workers aged 15 to 24, without even counting the number of jobs lost to older workers.
Bribing voters with their grandkids money... a time-tested Liberal strategy.


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...my medical dope...
The federal budget watchdog says the government’s multibillion-dollar effort to replace the navy’s warship fleet is now on track to cost taxpayers 2.4 times more than first expected.

Ottawa launched a competition last fall asking some of the world’s largest defence and shipbuilding companies to design a potential replacement for the navy’s 12 frigates and three destroyers.
Maybe Justin can use all the money he's saving by messing up the new fighter jet program.


Miles Lunn said...

Appears to smack of desperation. I think Patrick Brown was right to say its not wrong to raise to $15/hour over a longer period of time, but give businesses more time to adjust, but off course Wynne is desperate and will try everything to hold on. Thankfully this at least fell flat in Sault Ste. Marie which the PC's won for the first time since 1981 and Liberals fell to third.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............show me a politician who understands basis economics and I will show you the invisible man.

Anonymous said...

AB resident here - people are beginning to notice lineups at the various retail stores - and wondering where the cashiers are - I am happy to point out minimum wage increases. Since i am retired I have all the time in the world to wait patiently for my turn. lol Educating the public one shopping trip at a time.

Neo Conservative said...

no different than pierre-lite bribing the millenials with legalised dope.


ChuckT said...

The Liberals scrapped the original specs for the warship program and want the fastest, most advanced ships in the world. We don't need that. We just need to patrol our waters and provide support to the US, UK, and France.

In the meantime, the first two Arctic patrol ships will be delivered on budget using the Conservative's specs.