17 June 2017

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A new Ontario Public Sector Employees Union policy will see its members covered for medical marijuana. OPSEU president Warren “Smokey” Thomas said it’s the union’s way of leading by example as OPSEU will start to ask employers to cover medical marijuana for their workers.

Thomas said the LCBO, where OPSEU represents workers, was best suited to provide a socially responsible approach to selling recreational pot.
Hey bro, cool nickname... what's the story there?


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Though it is not unusual to buy labour peace in advance of a competitive election, what makes this move particularly galling is the Liberals didn’t even give any pretence of doing right by the taxpayer. In other words, they gave the union what they wanted - with absolutely no concessions.


Frances said...

Medical marajuana is already an allowed medical expense on the Canadian tax return.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... did you know that medical marijuana makes you smarter and better looking?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........someone once said that only dopes do dope. it is getting more difficult to find an intelligent person in Canada, I wonder what part dope has to play in this?

Frances said...

Neo - are you speaking from experience? I was told that the medical stuff is lousy bud.