13 June 2017

Get out your Decoder Rings...

...yet another cold-blooded murder in the "northwest" end of Toronto...

The man gunned down early Sunday in North York’s Emery neighbourhood has been identified as 20-year-old Soumik Asgar. Police received reports that six-to-seven shots were heard, but area resident Safi Gharwal said he heard 15-to-20 shots “being fired all at once.”

Gharwal said he has personally heard at least five other shootings in the area.

Asgar is the city’s 21st murder victim of 2017.
In modern day Toronto, "white privilege" means you're probably not being targeted... you just have to worry about being caught in the crossfire.


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Black Lives Matter says the problem here is TOO MANY COPS...soloNot sure I'm seeing the logic here.


Bill Elder said...

No doubt all shooters were screened, licenced and safety trained so no strays would clip a civillian - see there IS value in all the regulatory BS

Neo Conservative said...

i can't wait for the liberals to set up "safe shooting ranges" where these yout' can practice not killing innocent bystanders.