01 June 2017

I swear...

...you couldn't make this sh!t up...karly kurls

MONTREAL - Parents at the private Montreal Christian academy attended by Karla Homolka’s children say school officials brushed off concerns about the schoolgirl killer interacting with their children. Homolka has been sending her own three children to the private, Seventh-day Adventist Greaves Academy since September.

The now 47-year-old convicted serial killer has been volunteering at the school – and reportedly supervised kindergarten children during a field trip in March.

I thought it was a hoax,” Andy Maraj, whose daughter attends Grade 3 with one of Homolka’s children, told the Montreal Gazette. Maraj said he started discussing Homolka’s presence with other parents in April, and on May 2, he received a letter that he would not be welcomed back in September.

Stéphanie Deligne, whose daughter attends Grade 4 at the school and is in a class with one of Homolka’s children, said she would have liked to have been informed about the situation. Deligne was told that she too would have to find another school in September. “The administration told me I am being too critical,” she said.
But this isn't really about people's feelings... it's supposed to be about the law...
Under Quebec law, volunteers at elementary schools are supposed to undergo criminal background checks before interacting with students.
So what is the deal here?


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As reported by the Canadian Press, Mulcair feels Homolka has “paid her debt” and suggests it’s time to leave her alone.
I guess in Dipperland, the first three teenage girls murdered are deductible.


LAST WORD: Adventists back down...
MONTREAL — A private Montreal elementary school is moving to quell public fears following media reports about Karla Homolka doing some volunteer work there. The school, which is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, says it won’t allow anyone with a criminal record to volunteer in any capacity on school grounds.

Tim Danson, a lawyer who represents the French and Mahaffy families, said Wednesday it was a “kick in the gut” for the families to hear reports of Homolka seemingly living a normal life with her husband and children.
Well, there's a concession... they won't allow serial killers to volunteer at their school anymore.


Anonymous said...

But the really strange thing is, the school said it's okay because they don't let her alone with the children. Why allow her there then in the first place?

Neo Conservative said...

if a convicted child serial killer can pass a police check... who exactly can fail?


Martin said...

Re Ask a Dipper:
Three guesses who was the Attorney General of Ont who reviewed the Crown Homolka agreement that saw her plead to manslaughter for 2 counts but escape the life sentence she deserved for 2 probably 3 murder charges.She should still be residing in the woman's Big House, not monitoring school children.

Neo Conservative said...

have to disagree, martin... in a fairer, more balanced world, karla would have been hung in public and left for the crows.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........only in Canada eh, pity.

Dollops said...

I'm with Neo on this one -- except instead of a sex-change operation I would use the gallows.