16 June 2015

What's the reciprocal of Michael Ignatieff?

Answer: A colourful but intellectually-bereft social butterfly incessantly fluttering around media spotlights.

Just think about it. If your main policy planks are "legalise dope" and "the budget will balance itself"... this is perfectly consistent and predictable behavior...

We e-mailed Liberal MPs to better understand their position with respect to C-51 and to discover how they felt about the proposed legislation. After all, while the Conservatives and NDP have been using strong and extreme rhetoric in public statements about the bill, it seems as though the Liberals are pretending it doesn’t exist.
If only Parliament could be more like the Chinese Politburo... sigh.


Harkov said...

They are pretending it doesn't exist because they know they don't support it and their leader DID. And seeing how dictatorial their leader can be, why stick your head up and be the whack-a-mole? :D

Frances said...

Liberals are probably too busy trying to figure out how to use its powers to their benefit.

Neo Conservative said...

justin has inherited his father's blind ambition and his mother's intellect... a dangerous combination. he speaks out of both sides of his mouth... as illustrated in being the pro-pot candidate and simultaneously torpedoing the liberal candidacy of the princess of pot. as in calling for an emegency debate on the middle east and then failling to show up.

ignatieff, for all his robotic, pretentious pronouncements had an actual intellectual rigour. one might disagree with him, but he had an actual argument.