05 June 2015

Big Donut gets it's Green on

Dear Brazilian Caffeine Overlords... Dalton McGuinty's Ontario Liberals flushed 8 billion taxpayer dollars down the low-flow toilet pretending to green up Ontario. We now pay the highest electricity rates in North America.

Just sayin'.hot, hot, hotAnd...

"Brazilian-owned @TimHortons succumbs to American-funded activists and gets Canadians pissed: #BoycottTims"
"What?!! They have oil ads at the gross big corporate coffee place we never go to?!! To the outrage Prius!!!!!!"
Nice to see that Canadians haven't been totally emasculated.


fernstalbert said...

Warren Buffett owns Tims - he is the same Warren Buffett that opposed the Keystone Pipeline and uses trains to move Alberta oil to US destinations. Wake up and smell the burnt coffee ... Oh and by the way, there are alternatives, support local coffee vendors.

Neo Conservative said...

more kneejerk hypocritical political correctness... something the world can easily do without.

unfortunately the low information lunatic left eats this stuff up.

saint david suzuki was an early proponent of zero population growth... but went on to start a second family after he struck the big green bucks.

there's more... "And the CBC host has two sizeable homes, despite calling it "disgusting" that the average Canadian's home (most have just one) is larger than that of our grandparents."


Anonymous said...

the average tim's customer not only does not have a clue about what is happening in the world , they just do not care.

Neo Conservative said...

anon says... "the average tim's customer"

i'd go further than that. the everage canadian is shockingly uninformed about what is happening in his own country, never mind thee world.

try this experiment... the next time one of your left-leaning or liberal acquaintances mentions tom mulcair or justin trudeau... ask them what they feel is tom or justin's most significant political achievement.

guaranteed to stop the conversation cold.