23 June 2015

Everyone a Wynner

Don't you worry...

"While only four per cent of Ontarians were on welfare in 1969, today 7.6 per cent are."
Relax, people... after the Liberals legalise dope they'll just hire a couple hundred thousand new social workers.

Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately there is more than one form of welfare. 7.6% would seem to be a very low number.

Neo Conservative said...

true, anyone on welfare is also eligible for free prescriptions,"subsidised" housing, blah, blah, blah. there is not one of these programs that isn't subscribed to the max.

a program designed to give people a helping hand in times of emergency has become an alternate lifestyle.

the jane finch ghetto is a swamp of multi-generational leechers.

build it and they will come.