05 June 2015

So, last night I had a dream...

...that Justin Trudeau was Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

FYI! That was no dream. It was a premonition of things to come. Ya see, Canadians are amongst the most stupidest and most gullible people in the entire world. Want proof? We voted for Stevie Harpie believing that he was an actual conservative not knowing that he would turn into a French speaking eastern Canadian loving transfer payment giving benevolent supporter of the trudeauian multicultural and Islamic refugee program supporter.
Ya know what's even funnier? We simply dismiss all this as harpie being just a good 'ol "moderate"/"middle of the road" small "c" con! No big deal eh? Then we listen to bloggers like you try and convince us with rhetoric such as, "oh well there's no real choice out there is there?" Yeah that rhetoric worked real well in the last Alberta election eh?
So yeah get ready for baby trudeau to become number 23.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny...

justin was quoted as saying the budget will balance itself. he says he admires the chinese communist government. he says he can't imagine a scenario where he would deploy the canadian military. he went and fake-prayed at a mosque with radical connections.his premiere policy announcement is that he'd legalise dope.

canada, under prime minister harper, consistently has the best performing economy of all the g8 countries. he's not afraid to make politically unpopular decisions.

yup... stephen harper and justin trudeau... they're practically clones. you're a genius. sigh... at least you've stopped sending me a dozen heil harper's every day.


James Higham said...

Was it a good dream or a nightmare?

Neo Conservative said...

click on the link to find out.