09 April 2015

You can't trust them with loaded rifles...

...why have a military at all?

The defence department contracted city police to provide armed security at the downtown cenotaph for the next seven months after the fatal shooting of unarmed sentry Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, on Oct. 22.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Gentlemen, start your engines
"Having ceremonial guards is purely symbolic, expensive to boot and completely unnecessary."
Mickey_Mouseolini • an hour ago


"So are six genders and free sex changes."
Die-No-Mite • 33 minutes ago


jwkozak91 said...

Per this story on Mothercorp.ca, someone channeled "Mickey_Mouseolini"'s thoughts -right to their faces-:

"Daily duty reports written in the weeks leading up to the tragic shooting death of Cirillo on Oct. 22 last year show that standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier could be challenging — even abusive — for dutiful young reservists.

"'A couple of disrespectful comments such as "real soldiers don't need weapons" and "this is stupid, standing there for no real reason, they can't move anyway … so F*&% them,"' says one report."

Story here – http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/sentries-at-national-war-memorial-endured-abuse-disrespect-1.3018109

Anonymous said...

Jason Kenny and Harper are neutering our military with poor decisions.

What is wrong with Kenny?

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... again with the facile trollery? instead of nonsensical insults, why not think a little and make an actual critical observation?

all your 'silly poopoo face' stuff says more about you than anything else.


Anonymous said...

Here's a "critical observation" you ya Halls and it's a Canadian one to boot!

Sounds like the cenotaph is a "gun free zone". Yip, "gun free zone" Canadian style.

Looks like you and your fellow militia of Cons will have to a stand and guard the cenotaph yourselves then; just like back in the Bundy Ranch days. Oh that's right too you Cons are all talk anyway and when someone throws the truth at you and insults you boi Harper ya just assume them to be a lib.

Bet you got a poster of dean skoreyko in your bedroom right next to your cabinet of locked and secured, legally own and registered firearms that your not allowed to take from you home without a transportation permit?

Thanks for your service Hall in the Canadian Conservative Citizen Militia (CCCM). May God bless you sir.

Neo Conservative said...

nonny, i suppose i could google "bundy ranch" and "dean skoreyko" but i think we can safely assume it's on a par with your silly name-calling above.

i guess i should be happy it's not another repeat of your threats against my family or your stated intention to "firebomb" my house.

i have to confess i don't understand your suggestion that i very publicly violate the laws of the land. i've seen your work, che... all that looting and burning at the g20... is that your answer to everything?

of course, no actual comment about the blog post... but that's how you justinites roll, right?

feel free to come back when you have an actual rational point.


Anonymous said...

You got me confused with another nonny there hall. Please don't flatter yourself with the dar heatherington (whom you also have a poster of in your room) crisis syndrome cause if I was threating you like, you suggest, than you gotta be the dumbest person in the world cause I'm only an IP address away and you could have me arrested.

BTW try and use google cause your're so out of touch with the real world that it might actually do you some good.

PS, I hate to inform you but you're not that famous! I do however find the self flattery humorous and thank you for it. Just keep following your dreams and you can achieve anything you want if you just believe.

Point of the thread here is that our military is being disarmed right at a time when it should be armed. I believe that military service in Canada should be mandatory; especially for new Canadians. We would have a more patriotic society if the young men and women (yes women in the name of equality) were forced to serve a few years fighting for Canada, Canadian values and democracy.

Is that a rational enough point for ya halls?

Neo Conservative said...

nonny snarks... "the dar heatherington (whom you also have a poster of in your room)"

oh, nonny... you just can't do it, can you? i assume this is another pop-culture insult?

all the threats, all the "heil harper-ing" and now, what... some infamous transvestite?

i may not be famous... but you're certainly obsessed with me.

one more chance.... try again without the silly name-calling and see what happens.

you might be pleasantly surprised at how people react.