11 April 2015

White Privilege is killing our native sisters...

...but even if it isn't...

OTTAWA -- NDP aboriginal affairs critic Niki Ashton says if most murdered aboriginal women are killed by aboriginal men, that bolsters calls for a national inquiry to find out why.
How many under-employed bureaucrats and publicity-hungry politicians can dance on the head of a 50 million dollar Royal Commission? The NDP aims to find out.

Heads, Niki wins... tails, taxpayers lose.


UPDATE: The RCMP has to be lying...

...it's gotta be the white dudes, right?
Bernice Martial, Grand Chief of the Confederacy of Treaty Six Nations and also Alberta’s Cold Lake First Nation, said she is “appalled.” She believes the information is “inaccurate and untrue...”
If those numbers got you riled up, Bernice... you're gonna love this...
"The incarceration rate of aboriginal men is 11 times that of non-native men; of women, it is 250 times the rate for non-native women."
Hmmm... you think those numbers might have something to do with aboriginal women going missing?


RELATED: Speaking of murder mysteries...

...what's up with this place?
An adult man sustained non-life threatening injuries Friday night after the third shooting just this week near Jane and Finch.
Probably a bunch of those darn Naval cadets.


Anonymous said...

I think it bolsters the need for aboriginals to look within their own community, from the chiefs on down as they always seem to resist out side interference. Ie audits.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately, it seems taking responsibility is not a priority in aboriginal circles.

there is a culture of perpetual victimhood... even when chiefs are pulling down bigger salaries than the prime minister... it's all the fault of the wiley white man.


Dollops said...

Condescension was never a reasonable policy toward Native Indians and is an absurdity today. I have written to my MP and to PM Harper that this, if ever, is the time to bring out something akin to the Trudeau/Cretien white paper and campaign on it. Will they? If not, we need a new Reform Party.

Neo Conservative said...

aboriginals are the sacred cow of canadian politics.

not treating them like helpless children is a good first step back to sanity.