13 April 2015

Cherrypicking the, ahem... "News"

cherry-picking the news

The phrase “suffers from Morgellons” is quite simply inaccurate, and even harmful, in that it perpetuates a delusion.

Those who claim to be suffering from it are more likely suffering a psychiatric illness, experts say. If that’s the case with Mitchell, we should really be saying she “revealed in 2010 that she suffers from delusional parasitosis.”
Interesting that the Globe would choose to focus a glaring spotlight on a sick woman who, they say, has a "psychiatric illness"... yet express not a sliver of curiosity about the never-disclosed cause of death of Toronto's own answer to Mother Theresa.
Jack Layton might have been the first cancer victim in decades who believed that his disease did not provide him with a morally binding opportunity to educate others — that, in fact, his duty was to conceal.
Meanwhile, apparently, it's open season on allegedly unbalanced senior-citizen folk singers.


Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says...... so many insane people so little time.

Neo Conservative said...

so, it's okay to go after a mentally ill senior... but jack layton (of dundas ave rub'n tug fame gets a free pass?