01 April 2015

Towards a Justin... er...

...Just Society...
"The Navy League’s cadet program has as its goals the development of a sense of citizenship, duty, self-discipline and respect for others."
Well, we certainly can't have any of that.halls of macadamia/Wait a minute... these Navy Cadets still wear uniforms, right? I say we enforce regulations that mandate 50 percent of all cadets, regardless of physical biology, have to wear dresses and panty hose.

We must rid this elitist organisation of any and all gender bias.


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...goes after Farmers, Hunters and... Naval Cadets?

Here's a thought, instead of hypothetical tea leaves future possibilities... let's look at actual gun crimes.
Police believe Marc Wabafiyebazu and his 17-year-old brother Jean Wabafiyebazuboth armed with guns — planned to rob the drug dealers on Monday afternoon at a home in the Coral Way area.
These guys were the teen sons of the Canadian Consul General in Miami. Wasn't the Parliament Hill terrorist the son of some high muckety-muck civil servant?

I'm guessing none of them were Naval Cadets.