07 April 2015

Holy Howlin' Huskies...

I knew that Canadian authors felt under-appreciated, but defecting to Fashion TV? That's a bold move... more so for some of us than others.

The last time I saw Margaret Atwood, she was shilling for public television and I have to say it was captivating... in a "can't look away from autopsy pictures" sort of way.

Ms. Atwood's flat, almost corpse-sicle "affect" and gravelly, monotonic speech (reminiscent of a tape recorder with failing batteries) pinned me to the sofa like a jacklit deer.

I am no fan of the British, or any other monarchy, but the fact that the Dowager-Countess of Canlit now feels she can also offer up celebrity fashion commentary gives a whole new meaning to the word "surreal."

As for Ms. Atwood's criticism of the Prime Minister... the niqab jokes write themselves.