28 February 2015

Random musings

I'm with President Obama... I blame the Crusades...religion of pieces


Anonymous said...

There's news in Calgary where some teenagers went to a weekend party (where everyone was supposed to wear white) so the teenagers put pillow cases over their heads. Next thing you know the Calgary police are investigating cause some visible minorities took offence and accused the pillow case donning teenagers of being racists.

The accused teenagers issued an apology via social media; the Calgary police concluded it was a mistake and scolded the teenagers and now multiculturalism once again lives happily ever after in Calgary.

If I was invited to the party I would have worn a burka and blamed Christians for all the troubles in the world. Cause that's how it happened right?

Between Obamas comments, Al Sharpton, Tim Wise and this story in Calgary, it's no wonder there's a pile of racism and bigotry from White folk sometimes.