02 March 2015

As per usual, the real story takes place...

...in the comments...

"The overview reveals a virtually identical homicide solving rate for Aboriginal women (88%) and non-Aboriginal women (89%). The study reveals that the rate of stranger perpetrated homicide against Aboriginal women is 8%, virtually the same as for non-Aboriginal women (7%).
As tragic as this situation is is (and gawd knows there is tragedy aplenty in aboriginal circles) the evidence clearly indicates that there is no coverup here. No evidence supports that aboriginal women are being targeted by race or that the murders of aboriginal women are being ignored by law enforcement agencies. In fact, some folks would argue that cops focus entirely too much on that demographic...
The incarceration rate of aboriginal men is 11 times that of non-native men; of women, it is 250 times the rate for non-native women.
So what is actually going on here?
It's not exactly going out on a limb to surmise that a significant portion of these murders are domestic violence. 93% are murdered by people they know. 63% were drunk or on drugs. The facts speak for themselves.
Wishing doesn't make it otherwise.


Anonymous said...

yeah but we took their land tho???????

Neo Conservative said...

well, nonny... i know canadian schools aren't allowed to teach canadian history anymore, so i'll forgive your ignorance.

the mohawks in ontario and quebec emigrated from new york state about the time my wife's scots ancestors came to ontario. the government gave them land in brantford and the bay of quinte and near montreal. maybe they can give it back and return to the usa.

the previous aboriginal inhabitants in ontario and quebec were illiterate, stone age hunter gatherers who waged war on each other and enslaved the loser's women and children. they had no concept of owning anything but the animal skins on their backs.

as for land reparations, i'll pay them compensation after my pictish ancestors get their cheques from the roman empire and the british crown.

ask brebeuf and those other french guys about the huron and iroquois... after they killed berebeuf and friends your indian pals made missionary giblet burritos (and that's not a joke).

time and history moves on... except on the reservations where statistics on domestic violence, crime of all sorts and child mortality run rampant.

the people murdering aboriginal women are, with rare exceptions... aboriginal men.