06 February 2015

And then, after neutering the military...

...he can start disarming the police...

justin al-trudeau

“I’ve never been against Canada engaging robustly against ISIS,” Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said, but insisted it should be confined to “military missions that are non-combat.”
Yeah, you give JTF2 a duffel bag full of aerosol spray cans... and they can sneak into terrorist held enclaves and tag enemy tanks.


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Eve Adams... professional albatross...
But the new seat next door, which was created through redistribution, is safe. That makes the nomination a prize worth having. If she gets it, her $163,700 salary will be secure for a long, long time.

But she won’t get it. The party will veto her. She and Mr. Soudas have been sentenced to the outer darkness reserved for people who make the Prime Minister look bad.
Yessirree... yet another coup for the natural governing party.


Anonymous said...

I love politics: the non-answer answer, the non-intelligence intelligensia, the non-elite elite, and now the non-combat combat.

Maybe he thinks we can be like we were in the former Yugoslavia: move in after the massacres and put police tape around the mass graves.

Neo Conservative said...

shorter justin trudeau... they can have rifles or bullets... just not both.

maybe keith richards IS his real dad.


Anonymous said...

JT is an idiot but I'm still a little confused and lost as to exactly what Canada is currently doing to fight ISIL? I know we got some jets over there and I know that some of our troops came under fire but have we actually killed any ISIL members? I watch Sun News everyday and hear some beautiful speeches from PM Harper which is very good. I also hear Sun News saying that Jordan is pissed off and have opened up a can of whoopass against ISIL. But what exactly has Canada done? I mean those bastards killed two of our soldiers on our own soil. I dare suggest that that should be the open excuses to kill every one of them her in Canada an abroad.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... I dare suggest that that should be the open excuses(sic) to kill every one of them her(sic) in Canada an(sic) abroad."

hey, nonny... the mafia is causing death and misery with drugs... let's kill every every italian here in canada and abroad.

ditto the chinese triads... although if you kill every chinese person in canada we'd soon run out of doctors and lawyers.

you're a bloodthirsty little thing, aren't you? sorta like that adolf guy we fought back in the 1940s.