03 February 2015

Never mind Winter

Skynet is coming...
be very afraidDr. Paul Saffo, Stanford University


Anonymous said...

now I would like every scientist on the planet to pay attention. you never build a machine that does not have a OFF switch or button or any other way of turning it off. I know there are really stupid people who think that machines could over take us and destroy us but, turn the freaking things off. simple, is it not. oldwhiteguy has spoken.

Neo Conservative said...

as i understand the thesis, at some point an artificial intelligence will become self-aware and see itself as a separate entity or even species... and will begin to act in it's own interest.

we already have robots doing all sorts of industrial tasks, including assembling other machines.

at some point in the future, computers will be used to build computers and we will be out of the loop.

try imagining explaining quantum physics to a stone-age cave dweller.

now imagine we're the cave man.