04 February 2015

Public service is fleeting...

...$122,000 is forever...

A private member’s bill that’s expected to be up for a final vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday has been watered down to remove retroactivity, allowing Fontana, a former London mayor, Liberal MP and cabinet minister, to keep his pension.
Yeah... I'm shocked.

Okay, I'll say it. If the NDP manages to restore the retroactivity clause in this bill... THEY WILL GET MY VOTE.

That's how fed up I am with political corruption.


Anonymous said...

this is not a genuine move by NDP
if it was their member they would not want retroactivity
I agree with you on that point about Liberal Fontana but I will continue to vote Conservative as I feel they are doing a excellent job running the Canadian Government
PM Harper is the best Prime Minister in my lifetime

Neo Conservative said...

i agree... but it is wrong that conservatives are willing to water down this bill to save the likes of del mastro. it's what i would expect from the libranos.

if the pm gave this bill real teeth, including retroactivity, he could ride it to another majority.

people are fed up with corruption. a bill like this, without loopholes and properly presented in a campaign could be a game-changer.

so, what's the problem?