21 September 2013

The compassionate, intellectual left...

...reaches for a new low...threats & insultsMan, I thought conservatives were supposed to be the angry, foaming at the mouth knuckle draggers...
more threats & insultsI guess I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Whatever the left is, these 2 random people clearly represent them.

Neo Conservative said...

alas, were it only two random souls.

the fact is, i was receiving so many threats that i had to implement comment moderation.

it always amuses me that the so-called compassionate, intellectual left is always the first to start tossing around insults and threatening to harm people. if i had a nickel for every time some cowardly troll called me fat or drunk or homosexual (yeah, go figure... that's apparently a big insult in lefty land) i'd be a very wealthy man indeed.

funny also how the left-leaning media always buries things like peace prize winning prez obama increasing drone strikes (and their attendant collateral damage) by a factor of eight.

and what of the reverence the sheeple have for david suzuki... who is, in real life a nasty, hypocritical bully.

the zook's popularity is no doubt bulwarked by public broadcaster cbc... an organisation that is subsidised by canadian taxpayers to the tune of 1.3 billion dollars per year.

i suspect the times are a changing, though... as canadians see the social & economic costs of socialism, they will have to start thinking critically about where this country should be heading.

two random people... you guys crack me up.