11 September 2013


You can almost hear them start to salivate...
another exhaustive investigation?**********

UPDATE: Not kidnapped after all

On Wednesday, Peloso’s parents Reno and Mary Ann told the Star their son "had some stresses in his life in the past, but we thought things had settled down."

"The first thing I thought was he needed a break, he needed to get away for a bit," said Peloso’s mother, Mary Ann.
Funny how these stories always have some dark undercurrent that only comes out after some sort of tragic event.

Remember how the media celebrated Furious George and his spouse at the time...
A Toronto Life profile published before the 2010 municipal election described Peloso as calm and affable, and "not much given to drama."
Not at all like that alleged substance abusing crack lord Pablo Ford.


"I find it interesting he was found very close to 1011 Lansdowne Avenue. If it was Ford, this would be all over the news. Media is tiptoeing all around this."
Whether or not there is any connect here... you're right... if Ford even took a walk in this neighbourhood, it'd be front page news with all sorts of insinuations.


UPDATE2: Let's hold all the details...

...but, hey... gimme an extra helping of rainbows and unicorns...
Smitherman told reporters that "the path forward isn’t firmly clear, except that we know that it’s long and that it will be hard, and that he and me, and our family, and our kids especially, will be surrounded by an outpouring of love that would restore anybody’s faith and confidence."
Does that mean the news crew from the Star won't be camping out in Smitherman's front yard?


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting he was found very close to 1011 Lansdowne Avenue.

Notorious: 1011 Lansdowne Ave.

If it was Ford, this would be all over the news. Media is tiptoeing all around this.

It is known as drug central. Is this a coincidence?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Media is tiptoeing all around this."

i'm just happy the professional big city journos aren't trying to float some conspiracy theory about the ford brothers kidnapping mr peloso.

from what his mother is saying... sounds like this mr p has had some stability issues in his past.


Anonymous said...

Good work. The man is alive and looks like he'll survive. Tough row to hoe, all round. Hope it wasn't something he ate or drank. To many days now past the CNE burger kerfuffle.

Are there any videos popping up, yet? Any media-generated F.O.I. requests for medical records from the Hospital? Any signs of any former big shot pols driving hot cars in the vicinity?

I'm sure the Big Media folks got this one taped down already, right? They would run their standard "anti-conservative etc" full court press on this,as well, strictly as a matter of course.right?

Sayyyy What!?

You say that some prominent librano pundits have a couple of leads already ?

W O W !!