05 September 2013

Say... who was the education minister...

...under Premier Dalton McSlippery?

If the latest dismal math test results for Grades 3 and 6 Ontario students prove anything, it is indeed that throwing more money at education has not added up to student success.

Doretta Wilson, executive director of the Society for Quality Education, says the latest math results were achieved, or should I say not achieved, even as students are allowed to use calculators in class and during the standardized tests.
It can't be that the education system is being financially deprived...
Under the watch of the former so-called education premier — Dalton McGuinty — funding for the education portfolio increased by a whopping $5.1 billion over the last five years.

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"Within days, if not hours, Liberal MPPs had constituents calling their offices to complain that the province wanted to explain anal sex to eight-year-olds."
It was also the Libs who put the seal of approval on race-based schools... prompting yet more anger...
"I just never thought I would see the day when the KKK and the Left would agree on segregation."
"Why stop at race-based schools? Perhaps we should have separate buses, water fountains, washrooms and restaurants for blacks?"
And remember this doozy?
-- Wednesday November 17 -- Education Minister Leona Dombrowsky is steering clear of the debate and repeatedly refused Wednesday to say what she thought about the proposal.

It's up to the board to make a decision about whether it wants to pay kids for good grades, she said.
Your Liberal Party in action. No wonder the cupboard is bare.


Anonymous said...

Like any organization failure - it all starts with the idea of invincibility coupled with a little old fashioned empire building. Successful organizations tend to do one thing well... they specialize and capitalize on their talents. Successful individuals know their talents and their limits. They do that one thing they are best at and hire others to do the rest.

Teachers and boards tend to do the reverse. Instead of focusing more on what they are supposed to be good at (namely teaching reading, writing, math) have expanded into other areas at the expense of these important subjects. Earth day, social justice day, recycling education, climate change day... it all adds up. Throw in the new belief that school boards know how to raise children better than actual parents you also have 'life lessons' being taught by those who, well, might want to stick to teaching fractions.

Its not about more money for more programming. Its about more money to attract better specialists. I don't have an issue with paying for the absolute best math teacher. What I do see is paying for the one with the most service time who spends more of his day NOT teaching math.

Neo Conservative said...