24 September 2013

So You Think You Can Think

No wonder Al-Shabaab thinks we're ripe for the picking...

In a body-popping bid for wider understanding, scientists from Australia to the Netherlands are making interpretive dance videos based on their Ph.D. dissertations. To make an esoteric thesis come alive, they leap, swoon, spin and krump.

The performances -- all captured on video and posted online -- belong to an annual international competition called "Dance Your Ph.D," which for five years has been turning scientific obsessions into performance art. To qualify, the author of the Ph.D. dissertation must perform in the dance. Typically, the scientists submit the videos after being awarded their Ph.D.s.
And like any contemporary kindergarten class... everybody is a winner.
"It makes you think in a different way," said Matt Kent who is among the contest judges. "Even if I hate the performance, I love the idea that they are trying."


Anonymous said...

Good gawd: for years I have been volunteering to perform the "interpretive dance" of whatever piece of crap project my manager thinks up (just do I don't have to create a spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation).

Have we become so messed up that my minor league Monty Python satirical workdaze musings have become reality?

If so, lookout, as I have some Walter Mitty moments that are rated M for Mature...

Neo Conservative said...

puts me in mind of the english journo who, months after she let some guy jerk off on her on a crowded subway train, went back to the same area to perform a "freedom" dance in public... presumably to wash away the bad juju of wordlessly submitting to a criminal assault on her person.

it's magic i guess.