22 September 2013

C'mon now... how hard can it be...

...to wow a former part-time Summer Camp Counsellor?

all that buzz

Watching Freeland talk, it’s easy to see why Trudeau finds her impressive. She has all the latest buzzwords and jargon. In a 60-second interview last week, she used the phrase “tipping point” four times. She loves talking about “millennials.”

She’s not a policy adviser. She’s a pundit. She doesn’t know a lot about economics, or about Canada.

But to Trudeau, she’s got something more important: The unwavering loyalty of her former Media Party colleagues.
Rumour has it, there is already fierce jockeying among Trudeau disciples for the coveted post of "Minister of Marijuana."
(via BCF)


Rich said...

The red clown car is back on the road...beware.

Neo Conservative said...

having apparently learned nothing from the iggy fiasco... the libs reach out to yet another harvard-stamped, obama-lovin' journo to roll with jt.

good luck to them.


Anonymous said...

That picture captures the current state of Canadian politics coverage: Juvenile... almost highschool like.

Anonymous said...

I cant remember ever seeing a bigger airhead in the halls of politics than this woman. assuming an electorate is dumb enough to vote for her I can see her in the house of commons,*you know, this prime minister should, like, totally see it our way, cuz, like, our party has it totally figured out and stuff. can the prime minister see that he has lie, reached a tipping point with the way hes doing stuff.* (I think I lost 20 IQ points writing that)

Neo Conservative said...

there are certainly less qualified members of parliament. in the last election the ndp ran around signing up university students and their ilk just to say they were running people in all ridings.

lo and behold, in quebec they elected a bunch of them, one star candidate being a single mom waitress from a university pub.

note that most of these new dipper mps had never even been in their ridings.