15 February 2013

Just another selfless public servant

-- OTTAWA -- Justin Trudeau has charged school boards and other publicly funded organizations tens of thousands of dollars for speeches he's given since becoming an MP.

UPDATE: It gets better...
"Some of his speaking clients, like the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, paid him $20,000 for one speech in 2010. It's illegal for unions (and corporations) to give a dime to Trudeau's political campaign. They just gave it to him personally, and called it a 'speaking fee'."
Hmmm... sounds a little adscammy to me.


LAST WORD: Son of Saint Pierre

Ask a Liberal...
"Time will tell whether questions about Trudeau’s experience (substitute teacher), policy positions (none) or income (millionaire) will hurt him, but all indications are that he is well on his way to becoming the next Liberal leader."
Never mind, like Barack... he's just so dreamy.

That's all a Liberal voter needs.