12 February 2013

A simpler time

Build one of these babies and watch all the "bubble-wrap" mommies spin 'til they drop...good ol' daysAhoy, cap'n...

"Got a little fellow who yearns to captain his own craft? Take a cue from this pint sized inboard. The Little Fellow is only 78 inches long, has a beam of 36 inches and weighs about 125 pounds. The original design had a 7.5 HP engine which pushed it at 30 MPH."
Plans are included.


Dollops said...

Here in the boonies kids of that age ride quads and snowmobiles unsupervised. Dangerous? Somewhat. Worth the risk? Absolutely.

Neo Conservative said...

in some parts of the country you can die by simply taking a walk near your ontario housing dev, er... home.


Anonymous said...

Mechanics Illustrated was the best. As a kid, I would devour articles like this (build your own three-wheeled car with a discarded motorcycle! -Yeah, just try and register that for the road nowadays) with the closest thing a preteen boy could get to lust. My earliest heroes were my granddads, jacks-of-all-trades both, who seemed to have the awesome ability to turn plans like these into reality and still be early for lunch. Magical memories.


Neo Conservative said...

i can still sit and pore over stuff like this for hours.

in contrast, the children at my son's primary school weren't allowed to play tag at recess... apparently that was now deemed too dangerous.