21 February 2013

I'm from the government... I'm here to...

...squeeze you dry...

The Fraser Institute study, to be released Wednesday, found that federal, provincial and local government employees working in Ontario earned 13.9% more wages, on average, than their private sector counterparts in April, 2011.

Government workers are also three times more likely to be covered by a pension plan, far less likely to lose their jobs and, on average, set to retire more than a year earlier than private workers.
Don't get me started on politicians.


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"On Thursday, City Council passed the motion by a vote of 37 to 3 that also requires training all city staff and managers to ensure Toronto’s estimated 200,000 non-status residents can access its services without fear of being turned over to border enforcement officers for detention and deportation."
Actually, though... it's about more than that. Ask one of the three city councillors who voted nay...
“We shouldn’t encourage them. We shouldn’t help them. We should not facilitate them. They are an insult to every immigrant who plays by the rule to get into the country. They are an insult to every immigrant who is waiting to enter this country legally,” said Minnan-Wong.

“It sends a message to the world that it is okay to break the law to come to Canada and it says that the City of Toronto is an accomplice to this lawbreaking.”
Just something to ponder the next time you have to warm the bench for 6 hours at a hospital emergency room.


Anonymous said...

of course we are actually borrowing money to pay those at thr governemnt trough.

Neo Conservative said...

or those who find creative ways to finance their election campaigns.