20 February 2013

Airbrushing the Politburo

After a decade of Liberal government, it's a little tricky to be blaming anything on Mike Harris...pants on fireI guess that won't stop them from trying, though...

"The Ontario government led by Premier Kathleen Wynne will remain focused on creating jobs and improving the economy, but will take care to ensure that opportunities are extended to all people living in the province. CBC viewers can watch the throne speech live on this website right now."
Apparently, that whole last decade of malfeasance is deductible. Go CBC.


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is another person's happily ever after...

cosy little circleWhat could possibly go awry here?
“Normally the convention is the family of the premier, the family of the cabinet minister, can’t be involved in a business that’s connected to the business of the government.”

"Jane Rounthwaite, who is married to Wynne, owns 40% of The Osborne Group, which counts Ontario government ministries and organizations funded through the provincial treasury as clients."
What the heck... she's got a trustworthy face.


Anonymous said...

Hey bro, come to Alberta. We blame everything on Trudeau and he resigned as Prime Minister 40 years ago.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm thinkin' ms. wynne doesn't get a pass when it's an uninterrupted decade of her buddy mcslippery who got us into this mess.