19 February 2013

Jamestown Triangle claims another life

Introducing Toronto's eighth homicide of 2013, and the third to involve a victim under the age of 16...
gangs now going after smart studious kidsI don't get it... the left-leaning rabbloids keep telling us crime is down. Apparently, though... it's worse than you might think.
“My kids are like, ‘Why are all the good kids dying?’ ” said the mother who called 911 and has lived in the block for four years. “You hear gunshots all the time.”

“I’m scared for my kids to leave here,” she said. “Everyone’s a target here. I think our kids are all targets.”
Yet, you haven't managed to find a bullet-free environment.

Here's a thought... we've got all kinds of laws, but, judging by this murder-a-week deal, that doesn't seem to be helping. Maybe a little more enforcement?

Oh, right... that'd be "profiling" and we surely don't wanna descend into the murky realm of stereotyping...
"In a statement read by police, one of Montaque’s 10 stepsisters said her brother was a dutiful, loving young man who came straight home after school each day."

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“To make a marketable prosecution I need witnesses to come forward and tell the truth,” Homicide Detective Sgt. Gary Giroux said, adding: “I understand that there is this traditional code of silence in the community, but if this young man is going to be avenged tangibly within the courts, those witnesses have to come forward.”
Hmmm... "avenged?" There's a word that isn't usually bandied about by an officer of the court. Another "community specific" appeal?