02 May 2012

Undermining the law of the land

Try imagine the socialist outrage, or perhaps even insurrection... if Stephen Harper had people collecting names & addresses at all those "safe" injection sites.
we don' need no steenkin' lawCall me picky... but why don't firearms owners have, at minimum, the same rights... under current Canadian law... as your average garden variety junkie.



"Why is it that some people feel they can tell bare-faced lies to the public? Since when has the law requiriing an FAC to purchase a firearm been revoked? Even private sales require a valid FAC. In my opinion the lies are told to put an image in the minds of the public. One which will prejudice them in the desired direction. Any official using such a strategy ought to be fired."


Norm said...

I do not have an issue with a province operating a firearms registry. The BNA Act permits provinces to regulate private property. My principal objection to the FEDERAL registry is the feds were usurping provincial powers under the guise of the Criminal Code (a federal responsibiliy).
It is much easier to change one's province of residence than it is to change countries. It is also easier to change a provincial government than a federal government.

Neo Conservative said...

how about we prioritise a little and go after actual criminals?

just sayin'.


mauser98 said...

FAC has not been around for more than 20 years.every news article re. guns has mistakes in it. Sun has lazy reporters.

Dollops said...

Quibbles, quibbles. The law is assinine in so many ways it makes one's head spin. Government should have NOTHING to say about possession and use of anything - drugs and firearms included - until a crime has been committed. Then justice should be swift, dispassionate and public. A few floggings in the town square would do more to cure society's ills than all the precautionary legislation a nanny could dream up.

Al the Fish said...

Neo, since you are, I believe, an Ontario resident, I think it would be appropriate for you to file a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada:


It seems obvious that a Provincial Government, acting without legislative authority, asking a third party, the stores, to maintain a data base of customers is a violation of your privacy.