28 May 2012


"From the response of the chattering lefties defending Mulcair, piques my interest even more. Remortgaging a house 11 times no matter how you try to spin it, is totally unusual and out of place. There is probably more to this story."

"Is it any of our business? HELL yeah, this man wants to be PM, and I have a right to know if he can't even handle his own personal finances."

Posted by: northernont at May 28, 2012 9:12 PM


MONSTER said...

I just re-mortgaged the house to buy more farm land. First time ever done that. Made me nervous as all get. To do it 11 times? Questions must be answered

Neo Conservative said...

you can't open a canadian newspaper, or watch any sort of homegrown business or financial television programme without hearing about canadians carrying dangerous levels of personal debt... but mulcair should get a pass?

i don't think so.

hey... remember what bob rae did for ontario? imagine turning the dippers loose on the whole country.