23 May 2012

Apparently... the honeymoon is over

“The Liberals spent eight years with significant majorities and did whatever they pleased, and now they can’t do whatever they please and they’re acting like whiners.”


Rich said...

The PC's need a fresh leader.
And yes, they need that person NOW.

Anonymous said...

Funny that the ndpq in Ottawa think a 400 plus page budget bill is horrible, but a 350 page provincial bill is not that bad. They are not going around saying how horrible it is, or that it has hidden items that will do all sorts of horrible things. 50 some extra pages for a budget that is for all Canadians, and a 350 page bill just for Ont.
Mary T

Mecheng said...

Read the article...lots of stuff about the Liberals pushing through omnibus bills and imposing time limits on debate. And apparently they have been doing this for a long time. Harper is evil for doing this but the liberals get a pass?

Jen said...

No they don't needa new PC leader.
The problem lies is with the media for letting the Dalton disaster continue for this long without being questioned.

How many Ontarians know about Dalton creating a Have not and putting their province into a deep debt. Not many which the msm want to keep it that way.

Dave B. said...

Rich is bang on. Hudak has got to go.

Neo Conservative said...

"mechang says... Harper is evil for doing this but the liberals get a pass?"

with the full backing of the msm and the usual socialist gadflies... that's simply how things work in ontario.


Rich said...

What we need is a provincial gov't that deals rationally with the economy and puts spending/debt as the #1 issue.
All else pales in comparison.
We need a PC leader that hits that issue remorselessly and doesn't deviate from it.
Tory & Hudak both pulled issues seemingly from their nether regions and lost elections as a result. That has to stop.
The PC's were not beaten in the last two elections, they committed political suicide.
Fix this by getting a leader who can focus on the one big issue and will not be diverted from it.
The platform should address the economy & power generation. There is no need to have positions on every 'issue' that the media or the opposition bring up.
The majority of people will vote for the party with the soundest economic positions...the rest is fluff IMHO.
Make those rototillers in the sky the symbol of the Lib's aberrant thinking.
Jen is spot on about the media but I think the PC leadership needs a change too.