10 May 2012

Your money... his friends

Dalton does it again...

For months, we’ve been warning the minister about the staffing policies at ORNGE that leave bases understaffed and incapable of responding to emergency calls,” Klees said, citing investigations into 13 such incidents."

"Matthews said she has asked ORNGE to “look closely” at what happened Wednesday but added she is aware there is a shortage of pilots trained to fly the helicopters.
That's funny... there doesn't seem to be a shortage of taxpayer cash...
"The incident put Health Minister Deb Matthews on the defensive yet again over ORNGE, where new leadership is in place since the departure of former chief executive Dr. Chris Mazza over his $1.4 million salary."

"As soon as McGuinty got wind of this Conservative fiasco, he called in the Auditor General"
No, Ted... more like, as soon as this started to get traction in the media...

Spin, spin, spin.


Ted Betts said...

Slight correction there Halls:

"Our money... your friends".

ORNGE was conceived and given birth by Conservatives and Mazza is a Conservative. Indeed, running through the list of those who made a bundle of money off of this, it's hard not to call it a Conservative Party party.

The list to date:

•Chris Mazza, CEO and founder, vocal Conservative for years
•Jacob Blum, Mazza’s right-hand man, and an Ontario Conservative Party campaign manager just last year
•Guy Giorno, former Chief of Staff to Stephen Harper, and Ornge’s lawyer at Fasken
•Lynne Golding, card-carrying Conservative and wife of Tony Clement, another Fasken lawyer who advised Ornge for years
•Perry Martin, a former Mike Harris aide, and – until recently – another Fasken advisor to Ornge
•Rick Potter, former Conservative Party candidate in Thunder Bay, and COO at Ornge
•Kelly Mitchell, Tim Hudak confidante, who was on multiple Ornge boards and their high-paid lobbyist

And the list grows every day.

So do please keep ORNGE in the news. It's very helpful to the Ontario Liberals.

You could mention, if you were at all interested in the letting anyone know the full picture, that as soon as McGuinty got wind of this Conservative fiasco, he called in the Auditor General, forensic auditors, and the cops, fired the people involved, and are making sure this Harris-Eves-era scam never happens again.

But I'm good with you just holding ORNGE up to the light if that's all you are comfortable doing. It's not as damaging to Hudak as the whole truth, but it's still damaging.

You're almost making me think you want the NDP to win in Ontario, Neo.


Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette finds this all rather
Interesting. Specially in light of someone called kinsella, who seems to see, and is touting, the ORNGE fiasco as something that the conservative party is responsible for, and therefore deserves, as a topical application, great lashings of the latest librano slink-by smear.

Rich said...

OK....so the new way of dealing with problems is as follows:- "I'm aware of the problem....next!"
Where is the trip wire media coverage with columnists slaveri ng and spewing venom laced spittle?
This is a real story; there will be real people dying and on the front pages we get perfunctory coverage.
How about some the Occupy vermin turn on Ornge and the media and try to do something useful.

Frances said...

Ontario might try looking at the STARS setup in Alberta. I know there are a lot of lotteries & other fundraising for STARS, but it does seem to be working reasonably well.

Neo Conservative said...

"ted smugly says... ORNGE was conceived and given birth by Conservatives"

so, ted... at the risk of initiating yet another dozen comments that mindlessly hammer away at the same point... using this type of logic you blame the builder of the titanic... rather than the captain who drove her into the iceberg.

there have long been problems at orng... and dalton & company have done nothing about it. like olg, like hospital cost overruns, etc.

i could go on & on... but, hey... let's blame mike harris.


Ted Betts said...

Poor Neo. Again. Facts don't agree with his premise so he feels the need to try to change the focus and pretend I said something I didn't. Again.

In no way is Dalton blameless here.

But in response to your assertion that it was Dalton's friends who embezzled and gouged the public here, I think the facts show otherwise. The people who set this up and were put in charge were conservatives. There's no disputing that. Mazza, Blum, Giorno... all conservatives.

Did Dalton fail in adequate oversight of these conservatives, sailing this conservative-built ship? You betcha.

Has he done nothing? Calling in the AG,police, etc once he found out what they were up to is not nothing.

Your Titanic metaphor is apt though. Built by conservatives. Sailed by a conservative crew. The captain was the one who arrogantly said speed up and then went to bed while the crew saied her right into the iceberg.

Norm said...

I know, let's blame Lester Pearson for Afghanistan! after all Mike Pearson was the driving force in the St. Laurent government for Canada to join NATO and our NATO membership lead us into Afghanistan!
McGinty has been head of government for over nine years. ANY problems with ORNGE should have been resolved or the organization disbanded within the nine year time frame. After nine freakin' years a government OWNS the issue lock, stock and barrel (but only if it's registered LOL).

Neo Conservative said...

"ted, tilting again at windmills... Did Dalton fail in adequate oversight ... You betcha."

sorry, ted... the accumulated scandals perpetrated on the ontario taxpayers by premier mcslippery speaks to his lack of principles.

and, ted... is that what you look for in a leader... oversight? what about leadership... what about action? dalton gets caught with his hands in our pockets, yet again... and suddenly decides to investigate?

good thing for him, the electorate are such sheeple.

as of june... ontarians will be paying the highest electricity bills on the north american continent.

i know, i know... let's blame mike harris.