30 May 2017

So why the cultural appropriation?

Prof. Nicolas Fabien-Ouellet has a unique theory: Canadians can’t claim poutine as their own because at one point in their history, they initially made fun of the Quebecois who ate it.

That, in turn, lead, Fabien-Ouellet, says, to widespread “poutine stigma,” which, in turn, is responsible for the mass oppression of the French-identifying Canadian minority.


Anonymous said...

They used to call Anglos "tete carailles" when I lived there. That's "square heads" to the non french. I didn't feel oppressed at all, I just laughed. I left the place once I got my cheaply financed uni degree & made my fortune outside the Tranna/Ottawa/Montreal Love Triangle. Strange though, there's a whole whack of froggies & "eastern bums" out here, working quietly under the radar, because there certainly isn't much "there" there for them staying at home for the rest of their productive lives these days, even if the Patch is reduced in opportunity at present.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm still waiting for out aboriginal brothers to stop culturally appropriating modern automobiles, firearms and brick houses.

where does this nonsense stop?