24 May 2017

Killing free speech in Canada

I’m not trying to win the argument; I’m trying to have the argument...”
Frances Widdowson, an associate professor in the department of Economics, Justice and Policy Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary and co-author Albert Howard published a book entitled “Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation.”

The title gives you the drift of her position. Some members called her talk “hate speech” worthy of a Criminal Code investigation. One colleague asked if she’d “like to take it outside.”


Gerry said...

Intellectual honesty? Bravo associate professor!

Anonymous said...

old white guy asks........what is indigenous cultural preservation? Just what are we trying to preserve? seems to me that before white Europeans arrived the culture was pretty much that of nomadic hunter gatherers. not mush effort needed to preserve that. make it mandatory, the hunter gatherer thing that is. there was modest agriculture among some tribes but hey, we still have agriculture.

Neo Conservative said...

this is a big bucks industry. just look at all the money that one law firm is hoovering up pursuing these claims.

but almost no one is willing to talk about it.


Bill Elder said...

I'm proud of Mount Royal for tenuring diverse opinion - these scholars are controversially factual displaying rare academic integrity at a time academia has adopted distorted narratives and silences any challenge.

Neo Conservative said...

still, frances widdowson, much like prof. jordan peterson is paying a terrible price for merely speaking her mind.

when did canada start to turn into a stalinist hellhole?