31 May 2017

AKA Taxpayer dollars

Just one more thing to think about while you're sitting waiting for a doctor for 6 hours in that crowded hospital emergency room...insert alt text here

The whole giant rubber replica duck tour of Ontario is expected to cost about $200,000, Parrell says, 90 per cent of which will be covered by grants, most of them from the Ontario ministry of tourism, culture and sport.

UPDATE: Is Ontario stealing artist's I.P.?
“I was shocked. They don’t have permission to show my duck again. And they are charging money for tickets. I want this rubber duck for the whole world to see. It is sad. They make it into this joke, but the rubber duck is not a joke. It is serious artwork which connects all people in the world.”
(via reader Rich)


Rich said...

Sometimes... in each nation's voyage, there is a desperate, patriotic need for an armed rebellion.

Neo Conservative said...

wishful thinking, rich... despite driving the economy into the ground with their so-called green agenda... the sheeple here in ontario won't even vote them out of office.

might be time to pick up stakes and move.