25 May 2017

Coming soon...

...to a concert venue near you...

The arithmetic is not difficult: Poland and Hungary and Slovakia do not have Islamic terrorism because they have very little Islam.

France and Germany and Belgium admit more and more Islam, and thus more and more terrorism.

Yet the subject of immigration has been all but entirely absent from the current UK election campaign.

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Bill Elder said...

PM freetokes welcomes Islamocide to Canada and no doubt subsidizes it. When it happens here there is only one way to point fingers - PM Taqiya owns this himself.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............you know my views on islam so I will suffice to say, yes coming to concert venue near you. a street near you, a church near you, on and on and on. brought to you by your Islamic neighbours with love.

favill said...

That's called logic....The Left doesn't like logic....Therefore, logic doesn't exist.

Neo Conservative said...

two words... "ticking" - "bomb".

all the security professionals agree... it's a question of when, not if.