04 August 2015

Two shot dead, three others injured

When the bagpipes start to play... it drives the Highlanders completely... oh, wait a minute...

The nightclub was hosting the official OVO Fest afterparty featuring Toronto rapper Drake. A similar incident occurred in front of Muzik last year when a 28-year-old man was shot around 4 a.m. after OVO Fest on Aug. 5, 2014.
It's a long, long way from Degrassi.


REGISTER CLUBZ NOT GUNSdamn farmers, hunters & target shootersHmmm...
"The after-party, which marked the end of four days of Caribbean Carnival-related festivities, was over and the “last patrons” were leaving when the shooting began."
Yup, purely coincidental I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

That Liberal experiment of importing tons of Jamaicans and sticking them in housing projects in Toronto has worked out so well.

Neo Conservative said...

looks like even the cbc agrees with you...

"Police in Toronto and Jamaica say gang-related homicides have significantly declined in the 20 months since the arrests of key leaders of the Shower Posse, a violent criminal organization involved in drug and arms trafficking that operates in several countries.

"In Toronto, homicide rates dropped to a 25-year low last year following a two-year anti-gang campaign that disrupted the Posse."


MadTrucker said...

Supt. Frank Bergen said it was a "well-run event with lots of police officers around the area".

Huh... How big does the slaughter need to be to get the poorly-run label?

Neo Conservative said...

typically, the local police try to downplay any violence that reflects on toronto's mythical reputation as a multicultural utopia. i had to laugh when i started noticing the police press officer was very often handpicked to reflect, as closely as possible, the ethnicity of the dearly departed.

another trick they use is to refer to homicides as "incidents."

murder is such a nasty word.