17 August 2015

$221 million lost in just one month

You ever wonder why Ontarians have the highest electricity bills in North America?

Ontario received payment of those June 2015 exports at the hourly Ontario electricity price of $15.31 per megawatt hour ($29.1 million). However, the cost to produce and transmit that was $131.43/MWh which means it cost Ontario ratepayers $249.9 million.

Perhaps it’s time for Premier Wynne to realize that the losses on our exports represents a “green tax” on all of the ratepayers in Ontario
(h/t reader Rich)


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Is Ontario really gonna follow California down the toilet?


Rich said...

So let's do a rough estimate...yearly it's about 2 and a half BILLION dollars down the drain for NO benefit whatsoever...it's a Liberal bonfire...only useless light from your money up in smoke and not a bit of warmth.
Let's ditch the windmills spreading across the countryside;then,figuring an average of 200 million per month, let's pick 20 local hospitals andgive them the money yearly targeted for direct healthcare. That's ten million dollars MONTHLY for each of the 20 hospitals.
Remember, Wynnie the $hit is overtly pimping for the Care Bear economist "Just in" when maybe she should be trying to actually reduce our monumental debt which threatens to crush our economy as well as our futures plus those of our kids...their kids....their kids' kids...etc.
It almost makes you want to stop and think a bit about who you vote for.

Neo Conservative said...

metrosexual toronto just doesn't care.

every time wynne poses with another bunch of bearded ladies, she gets more popular. they don't care that she's driving the province into bankruptcy.