02 August 2015

It's not like his name is Ford

Whaddaya wanna bet the Toronto Star doesn't stalk Tommy Trotsky from his own backyard?

“I believe that governing is about priorities,” Mulcair said from an outdoor balcony in Gatineau, Que., overlooking the Ottawa River, the iconic Peace Tower looming in the distance.
So what was Mister "Priorities" first big decision of the campaign?

You guessed it...
The election call meant Mulcair dropped Sunday’s Vancouver Pride parade from his schedule.
Apparently, though... the NDP has a solution. If you blow out all the stops, maybe you won't remember that you're not one of Mulcair's priorities...
“As you’ve all heard, it sounds like Stephen Harper is going to drop the writ very shortly. Sadly, this means that Tom Mulcair can no longer attend Pride tomorrow. As the Vancouver Centre candidate this means one thing for me – we’ve got to step it up to fill his absence. That means we need to dance and party harder than we ever have.
Sure, that'll ease the pain. I'm sure there'll be a lot more drinking nationwide when the voters see the NDP's budget numbers.


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The other ad recounts how Mulcair, as a provincial politician, was once offered a bribe by a “disgraced Quebec mayor” which he didn’t accept but also didn’t report to police for 17 years.
Another non-priority I guess.


Anonymous said...

How do we really know he didnt accept a bribe? He initially lied about any bribe being offered; could he possibly be lying about taking a bribe only to come clean at some future date? I mean, it only took him 17 years to even 'fess up in the first place..

Anonymous said...

So where's Junior ? Is he at "Pride" with his BFF Ben?
No comment from Justin?
Even Mildewski made a speech/question/rant so where is Junior?
The complaints/whines that PM Harper only took 5 questions and yet Tom Muclair did not take one question.
Then again 5 questions/speeches from Terry Mildewski and they would have been in overtime.Little Terry should really run for office.

Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says.... I think mulcair should give up his French citizenship. I question anyone and everyone's loyalty to Canada if they also have a loyalty through citizenship to another country.

Neo Conservative said...

mulcair was hip deep in the suspect love letter to canadians that layton allegedly wrote from a deep narcotic haze just 24 hours before he died of his as yet unspecified cancer.

he'a a consummate political operator who bailed on the liberals and flirted with working for the conservatives.

he would bankrupt canada, the same way kathleen wynne is draining the lifeblood of ontario.