05 August 2015

Nanny State Overlords... Episode #49

Instead of wasting time and energy on an actual solution to the problem... let's splash people with urine.


UPDATE: Maybe fancy high-tech paint...

...isn't really the answer?

"A man was driving in the city by the bay when a street light pole crashed down on the hood of his car, missing crushing him by about a foot.

How did one of these ubiquitous poles collapse when there was no storm or wind? The base of the pole has rotted out from age and both dog and human urine."
Lotus land collapsing under the weight of its own waste?

I blame George Bush.


Anonymous said...

It's been over 50 years since the sixty's and those hippies still have acid in their urine! That is powerful stuff, man.

Neo Conservative said...

as california slips into bankruptcy, we see the social justice chickens coming home to roost.