29 May 2015

Remember... just because Mike Duffy...

...may be a venal greedbot, the media is entitled to air 24/7 coverage for months, using each and every opportunity to slag the Prime Minister... but a prominent Liberal insider with a penchant for child pornography gets significantly less scrutiny...wynning

TORONTO — A man who once was deputy education minister in Ontario and Manitoba has been sentenced to three years behind bars after pleading guilty to three child pornography-related charges.

Benjamin Levin, 63, was originally charged with seven child porn-related offences.
Levin, Levin... that sorta rings a bell...old palsWhat exactly did a Deputy Minister of Education have to do with Dalton McGuinty's plan to teach the nuances of sexual consent to pre-pubescent primary schoolers? More to the point, why isn't anyone in the media asking that question?

Head on over to CBC and enter the terms "Mike Duffy" and then "Benjamin Levin"... see what issue Big Mother thinks is more newsworthy... a Conservative Senator fudging his expenses or a Liberal Minister caught promoting child pornography.


Anonymous said...

Your definition of a Liberal insider seems strange. OPS executies are non-partisan.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon offers... OPS executives are non-partisan."

in what alternate dimension, nonny? you think setting up a simultaneous photo-op with the leaders of the federal & provincial liberal parties is just happenstance? maybe levin just snuck past the two separate security details to photobomb pspawn and the queen? aside from being a deputy minister under dalton, he was on kathleen wynne's transition team.

you can't possibly be that naive. surely you're not suggesting that mr levin, like all his former non-imprisoned academic colleagues at u of t is a closet conservative?

no comment on the instances of reporting at cbc? i saw 8250 instances for mr duffy and 4990 for peewee levin. funny priority if you ask me.

no politics there either... right?


Anonymous said...

Levin was not a Liberal Minister. He was a Deputy Minister and yes the OPS executive is non-partisan. I haven't seen any evidence that they are partisan. You don't seem to understand how our system of parliamentary government works.

Neo Conservative said...

nonny puts fingers in ears and chants... "the OPS executive is non-partisan"

oh, nonny... you're so cute. non-partisan? apparently the ops executive isn't even non-pervert. and seriously, you think a deputy minister doesn't do policy? dalton's sex ed agenda had levin's fingerprints all over it.

"nyah, nyah... haven't seen any evidence that they are partisan"

judging from your previous sentence, you're not even looking. who's that sitting with justin and kathleen wynne at the 'rainbows and unicorns naked man parade'? heck, i bet he was just on his way to buy cat food and decided to take a rest.

you think levin was on wynne's transition team because he's a neutral bystander?

keep digging sweetie.


Anonymous said...

So in other words, you don't have any evidence that the OPS executive is partisan. And once again, you refer to this guy as a Minister when in fact he has never been one - it is factually incorrect.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny redux... you don't have any evidence"

hmmm... if you say it enough times, i guess i'll just have to change my mind. nonny, you sound like a junkie who just got pinched.... "that's not mine, prove it, prove it!!!"

methinks you've been watching old matlock reruns. and minister v. deputy minister... that's the hill you're gonna die on?

a senior politico with major influence over education policy that pushes sexualisation of pre-pubescent children turns out to be a pornographer and that's all you've got?

you really think the duffy story deserves more ink than levin? not even a smidge of outrage? i guess you don't have kids.

hey, next time you bend the knee and kiss justin's hand, give him my regards.