05 May 2015

Darwin was right...

...stupid does have consequences...

She has knocked on the door of a trailer where, she said, “multiple family members live and the daughters all prostitute themselves out and everyone is doing drugs.”
Don't you worry though, I'm sure somebody is manufacturing special multi-coloured ribbons, imagineering walkathons and uber-tweeting to "raise awareness."


Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says............ stupid does indeed have consequences. unfortunately when the majority are stupid the consequence is the demise of a civil, moral society.

Neo Conservative said...

stupid has consequences as surely as the sun rises in the east.

keep your eye on alberta over the next couple of years.


Dollops said...

"Stigma", a good thing or bad? Wouldn't there be less of a stigmatized behaviour? We condemn millions to the consequences of dangerous choices by being too "kind" to stigmatize those who currently suffer those consequences.

Neo Conservative said...

dollops... moot point i think. there's no such thing as shame any more.

need an example... how about the corporate sponsored, mayorally endorsed "show me your genitals day" celebrated annually in most major cities these days.

of course, if you or i start waving a johnson around, it's straight (no pun intended) to the hoosegow. funny how that works.