27 May 2015

Plan 9 from Inner Space

I perceive myself to be younger, smarter and way more attractive than objectivity, biology, legal ocumentation or common sense would indicate.

Should the government step in and legally enshrine those perceptions in law?halls of macadamia/Cos', guess what, dream babies... it matters...

If you continue to believe you are either male or female because you were “born that way,” expect to be accused of malice for saying so down the road. Get used to it. Because that’s where we’re headed.
what's your vagendaYeah, that whole male/female deal is so 1982.


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..."peckerectomies and pussyotomies"...
Oh... my... gawd.


Anonymous said...

the march of the terminally stupid continues.

Neo Conservative said...

the problem here is that, in the final analysis, this is all about one's individual perception... not supportable fact.

you perceive and run around loudly insisting that you are an alien from another dimension, that will likely get you an indeterminate stay in a hospital wardroom with a complimentary thorazine drip.

you perceive that you are a woman trapped in a man's body... you get goverment subsidised genitals and your own hbo special.

a troubled soul like bruce jenner indulges his extreme surgical fetish and turns himself into a surreal approximation of a woman... he hasn't solved anything. his problems have just really begun, believe me.

one of the biggest secrets of the trans-gender movement is the frightening rate of post surgical suicides.

you insist on doing this... it should be on you totally. no government monies for chicks with dicks et al. not until every person who arrives at a hospital emergency room in distress doesn't have to wait 5 hours to be treated.