07 March 2015

Of Sinners and Superheroes

So, for two years now, young Elton McDonald, a longtime resident of the nearby Driftwood "community" has been digging a recreational tunnel (storeroom, cave, dungeon?) on property he doesn't own using "borrowed" construction materials and tools (a long term loan, it appears). He has also, in the spirit of entrepreneurship and modern romance, been doing this work under cover of night.

Forgive my suspicious nature, but there seems to be what lawyers would call a strong "consciousness of guilt" here.

In addition to the facts above, when young Elton showed up at Sun News to get his 15 minutes of fame he lied about his identity. Additionally, despite claiming the mantle of responsibility, he deflects any and all possible criminal activity to associates he refuses to identify. He might be lead architect... or just a digger. It depends.

Despite all these apparent red flags, the MSM and, more surprisingly, the Toronto Police service, have chosen to ignore any criminality and re-make Elton into some sort of dashing Robin Hood cum Robinson Crusoe-like symbol.

The media seems to be focussed on Elton's construction expertise. I'm thinking it's a mercy someone caught up to this Frank Lloyd Wrong before his underground barbequing caused multiple deaths by carbon monoxide. Let's not even think about what happens when you put a pick through a natural gas line or a buried high tension electrical feeder cable.

PS... I'm thinking I need a challenge. Anybody know where I can "borrow" a hundred two by eights and a couple dozen sheets of plywood? Oh, yeah... I'll need a generator too. I'll get it all back to you in a couple of years.



UPDATE: So, it's Driftwood, shit happens

So your buddies show up and stash a high powered rifle in your crib when you're not looking. Don't you hate when that happens?

On Sept. 1, 2013, police found a Browning Arms A-bolt .300-calibre rifle stashed in the home. McDonald was charged with possession of firearm without a licence and three other weapons offences.
Charges were eventually stayed. It was all a misunderstanding.


Anonymous said...

Still we are so startled to see these losers actually do something that it makes me wonder if one of them would actually have been useful as a prisoner of war.

Neo Conservative said...

thousands of dollars of wood stolen from construction sites on york u campus... yet not a single charge laid.

yet another pass for a "protected" group in society.

then there's the cost of the investigation and remediating the site. mr mcdonald isn't paying for any of that.

he's lived in the driftwood welfare community all his life, so he's used to freebies.

remember folks... this is your tax dollars at work.