06 March 2015

Fifty Shades of Inevitable

Now that we've gotten past that silly numbers game, stand by for the happily married bowling team...saw that one coming

'Some people may not agree and are probably amazed by our decision, but we believe many people do understand and accept our choice. Love is love, after all.'
Well said. Hey, isn't it time we got past that last remaining silly taboo... interspecies marriage? Who doesn't know someone who loves their dog more than they can say. Why shouldn't you be able to make an honest bird out of that flirty cockatiel down at Pets R Us?

We've got a groovy kind of love.


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Have you knuckleheads ever considered rearranging your priorities?

You might just wanna consider who you're, pun intended, jumping into bed with. Seriously.


Pissedoff said...

The divorce should be interesting.

Neo Conservative said...

to say nothing of the wedding night... aieeee, sweet jebus, it burns!!!

how in the name of dionysius am i ever gonna unsee that?


Anonymous said...